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To the Constituents of WACHSA:

We have continued to meet as a board through-out the pandemic, to strategize and re-organize around our conferences. Sadly, this has meant canceling for safety for the last two years to meet public health mandates while we all struggled with maintaining safety in our institutions and homes. 

We continue to meet with commitment to new opportunities in a post pandemic world, looking toward revitalization of our membership. Many of our conversations continue on how to economically deliver value to our members.

As always we welcome your thoughts, concerns and ideas for improvement,  Please feel free to email

Thank you, The Board of WACHSA

Western American Correctional Health Services Association is the largest chapter nationally sponsoring an annual conference. The organization alternates between Northern and Southern California increasing opportunity to attend. The Board welcomes correctional professionals from all disciplines. 

ARTICLE II: OBJECTIVES The objectives of the Western American Correctional Health Services Association are as follows:

1. To support standards and guidelines for the organization and delivery of quality health services within correctional settings.

2. To provide technical and professional guidance for correctional personnel and correctional health care professionals in the delivery of quality correctional health services.

3. To promote a positive influence to shape legislation concerned with correctional health services.

4. To act as a communication network for the recruitment and hiring of qualified health care professionals into correctional settings.

5. To develop curricula for continuing education.

6. To provide technical and professional guidance to accreditation organizations and to provide technical assistance to correctional systems and facilities toward compliance with established standards.

7. To promote a multi-disciplinary forum and climate for effective communication among health care professionals.

8. To develop liaisons with correctional personnel as a means of promoting effective communication on issues of correctional health care.

9. To establish the formal recognition of correctional health services as a specialty.

10. To develop systems for promoting effective communication between the correctional health services providers and health care providers in the free world.



Title Name Years Served
President Paul Adler, DO, FACEP, MBA 2018-2021
Barbara Barney-Knox, MBA, MA, BSN, RN
Past President Alexander Chyorny, MD, CCHP 2018-2021
Ex-Officio Bruce Barnett, MD, JD
Secretary P. Finander, MD, MBA, CCHP-P 2018-2021

Treasurer Nirvana Mexia, RN, BS. MSN, CCHP 2019-2021

Member-@-Large Martha Tadesse, RN, MSN, MPH 2018-2021
Member-@-Large Niki Kelley, RN, BSN (Oregon Chapter) 2018-2021
Member-@-Large Nnenna Ikegbu, MD 2018-2021
Member-@-LargeHeike Olafson,  DDS 2018-2021
Member-@-Large Sherry Robeson-Loftus2019-2022

Conference Coordinator & Social Media: Marsha Grant, R.N. | 

President: VM: 916-905-2662

Non-Profit Tax ID# 61-1849316  CA BRN Provider# 15404 | Board of Behavioral Sciences#  2862 

11283 N. Sawtooth Rd, Oro Valley, AZ 85737

Can We Reimagine Global Health In The Post-Pandemic World?

Coronavirus makes clear what has been true all along. Your health is as safe as that of the worst-insured, worst-cared-for person in your society. It will be decided by the height of the floor, not the ceiling.

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