COCHS Weekly Update: November 10, 2020

Tue, November 10, 2020 10:25 AM | Marsha Grant (Administrator)

COCHS Weekly Update: November 10, 2020

With COCHS prior approval, WACHSA has permission to repost their newscan for important correctional healthcare news. 

2020 Election

Los Angeles Times: L.A. County voters approve Measure J, providing new funding for social services

Los Angeles County voters have approved Measure J, which will divert more county money to social services and jail diversion programs. Measure J requires that 10% of locally generated, unrestricted county money — estimated between $360 million and $900 million — be spent on a variety of social services, including housing, mental health treatment and investments in communities disproportionally harmed by racism. The county will be prohibited from using the money on prisons, jails or law enforcement agencies.

The Washington Post: She is a former addict and prisoner. She was just elected to the state house in Washington.

Winning an election was the furthest thing from Tarra Simmons’s mind in 2013 when she was working at Burger King, worried about how she was going to pay her rent. She had recently been released after a 30-month prison sentence for drug and theft convictions. Ultimately, Simmons decided to help fight for changes for people after they’re released from prison. That led her to apply to law school, and she was accepted to the Seattle University School of Law, and ended up graduating with honors in 2017. Simmons said she decided to run for public office as a “second chance” candidate focused on prison reform in the hope of helping those with prison records find housing and jobs and start anew with their loved ones.

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